Observations and explorations

Code Like A Girl

The Hello Poster show joined forces with the Microsoft Design community to help bring awareness to an issue synonymous with technology: the gender gap.

Hello Poster would select 10 posters to be silkscreened. All proceeds from the show would be donated to Girls Who Code, a non-profit organization whose single mission is to close the gender gap in technology. The organization hosts programs and camps to inspire, excite, and teach girls about technology and Computer Science. 

CodeLikeaGirl Poster3 Lighter-03.png

Poster guidelines:

  1. 18" x 24"
  2. No bleed, 1" margins
  3. Artwork max size: 16" x 22"
  4. Two color designs: black and white
  5. Paper stock: #100 Pink Lemonade

I collaborated with Hayley, Eliana, and Elisabeth to create code that I could typeset for the poster. Ours unfortunately did not get chosen but it was fun partnering with women engineers on my team to create working code for our poster!